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I called again today and found out that the previously announced and posted policy regarding TWIC issues was indeed corrected and re-issued as of 2/25/09.

As per the conversation I had with the TSA today; If (like me) you created a PIN when you activated the card and remember said PIN, so far you’ve got no problem. If the only thing you ever used it for was a photo ID or if you’ve successfully used it with your PIN, cancel the re-issue, it’s unnecessary.

If you didn’t create a PIN when the card was issued, go to your issuing TSA office and create one for your present card.

If your card was issued prior to 10/21/08 and you’ve tried to use your card gaining entry to a controlled facility and messed up your PIN 3 times, the card will lock. NOW you need a new card.

Here’s how to do that;

1. Call 866-347-8942.
2. When the prompts begin, press 3.

When you get to that menu, press 2. That will get you in touch with a real live person.
3. Tell them you are calling because your T.W.I.C. was issued prior to October 21, 2008.
They will need the following information:
Date of Birth
A telephone Number where they can leave a message that a new T.W.I.C. is ready for pick up, and the location of T.W.I.C. Center where you got your card.

4. Receive a ticket number – it is a 6 digit tracking number. Write the number down for future reference.

It didn’t take terribly long (it took me 5 min after I got a human being on the phone) I would suggest everyone do this as soon as possible. You will be notified when your new card is ready (there is no time frame on replacements). Your card will still be used as a verification by your picture. You just return your old card.

There is no fee as long as you return your old card. If you do not have it, you will be charged the lost card fee – $60.

Read this from the Master of Towing Vessel Association.

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