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Do you want maritime more understood and appreciated? Do you want a source of trained mariners?

If yes, make a year-end donation to PortSide NewYork and ask your company, friends and coworkers to do the same.  Info at www.portsidenewyork.org/donate.

Here are reasons for your support, accomplishments and financial urgencies:

PortSide lost $55,000 in anticipating City funding this year due to covid’s effect on the budget, and our ship insurance is set to go up 100% from $9,000. This crisis calls for your urgent support.


  • PortSide made the oil tanker MARY A. WHALEN a beloved ambassador to the working waterfront.
  • We educate the media, elected officials, government staff, schools, students and the general public about maritime. We fight for NYC’s waterfront to have more maritime uses.  We are a respected voice in making that change.
  • We’re in talks with an out-of-state program to partner and launch a NYC commercial maritime training school. This would have an affiliated nonprofit program to train disadvantaged youth as deckineers, and the commercial program would generate revenue to support the nonprofit effort. We can build on our experience training youth on our ship during high school internships.
  • PortSide just got a vintage engine from Missouri which can restore the one in the MARY.  With a working engine, she can be a training ship. 

PortSide needs support for programs and to get the ship hauled out for maintenance and engine restoration work.  Please donate via www.portsidenewyork.org/donate.

We take credit cards and Venmo, checks written to PortSide NewYork (mail to 190 Pioneer Street, Brooklyn, NY 112331).

We have a fundraiser on Facebook you can share at https://www.facebook.com/donate/133937541605440/10214673036178223/


Carolina Salguero

Founder + Executive Director

PortSide NewYork
aboard the tanker MARY A. WHALEN

190 Pioneer Street

Brooklyn, NY  11231



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