I am a true "son of a son of a sailor", my grandfather was an unlimited Chief Engineer, my father a tug master and Panama Canal Pilot, my brother is also a tug master. I am not a writer by trade so I may ramble at times, I have been "around the block" so I can speak on many issues. I also have a deep concern for the future of this industry and I'm working toward making it better for the guys doing the job. I have been licensed and steering since 1978, and have since acquired Master 1600 tons upon Oceans, Inland Master Any Gross Tons, First Class Pilot Any Gross Tons, Master of Towing Vessels upon Oceans, Unlimited Radar Observer, A.R.P.A., S.T.C.W. 95..... Based in NY harbor for the last 39+ years, my area of operation has included all major east coast ports from Bucksport, Me. to Norfolk, Va. Including Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay. Presently serving as Master of the ATB Nicole L. Reinauer for Reinauer Transportation Co. in NY.

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